Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Congratulations to our Akelas!

Congratulations to our seven cubs who have recently achieved the highest cub scout award in Singapore!  They have done our unit proud once again, to be amongst the top 150 Cub Scouts who have attained the Akela Awards this year.

They are :
Eng KeQing
Foo Tun Min (Honours)
Seah Min Xuan, Pierre (Honours)
Yip Hao Jin (Honours)

Goh Kian Yong, Jekyll
Foo Ci En
Ong Ju En, Nigel

Congratulations! Well Done!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gardens by the Bay

Our cubs and parent volunteers took time out to visit the latest pride of Singapore - the Gardens by the Bay. This super garden is home to over a quarter of a million rare plants. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean and the Cloud Forest Conservatory replicates the cool-moist climate found in Tropical Mountains.
Enjoying the beautiful flowers in the cool-dry Flower Dome
The "Super Trees" host unique and exotic ferns, vines and orchids

Through a video, our cubs were reminded of the fragility of our Mother Earth. 
What will our Earth be like in the year 2100?  If we don't take care of it, will it become like this?
or like this?

Each of us has a part to play in ensuring that the Earth will still be a liveable place for our children and future generations. 

Save our planet and we save ourselves.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Cub Scout Challenge

Hurray! Our team achieved a Silver Award at the 2012 National Cub Scout Challenge !
Kudos to our cubs, who displayed true grit and great teamwork and put in their utmost best efforts to win this award.
Let's see their wonderful scouting spirit in action:
Untiringly supporting each other 
Stretching beyond limits and Reaching for the stars
You are not heavy, you are my sister
Facing up to all challenges courageously
Yes! We did it!
Thanks to the untiring efforts of our parent volunteers and teachers

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sixer Training Camp 2012

11 of our cubs had an exhilarating time during their Sixer Training Course at Sarimbun Scout camp, held from 26 to 28 May.  They had the wonderful opportunity to interact with more than 80 cubs from 10 schools belonging to the East Area Scouts.

The course aimed to inculcate values, leadership skills and aspire Cub Scouts to excel in their capacity as Sixers. It is also a pre-requisite for the Akela Award, the highest award for Cub Scout section.
Our 11 cubs with Uncle Chee Siang and Uncle Richard
Top row from left - Eason, Tun Min, Hao Jin, KeQing, Aria, Pierre, Jekyll
Bottom row - Sean, Samuel, ZeRui & Sabrina
Sabrina learning to tie the knot right

Our cubs had much to learn - knots, basic first aid, orienteering, and  building a Basha shelter. 

Cubs eagerly inspecting a shelter built by the Rovers

They also had much fun engaging in various activities with their new found friends.
Tun Min walking gingerly through a landmine
Hao Jin balancing on swinging tyres
What a splashing time we had!

For more wonderful moments at the STC, click here 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother I Love You !

Mother's Day was approaching and our cubs wanted to show their appreciation to their mothers.  
How about making some beautiful cards to thank them?

What else should I say?
Hmm, another pretty design next?

She will surely love my card :)
And we are sure all the mothers loved their presents !
more photo shots here

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Walk with Nature

It had been pouring the past week, and we were wondering if our hike to Labrador nature Reserve had to be postponed.  The weather finally cleared on Saturday morning, in time for our hike to Labrador Park:).  Hurray! 

Labrador Nature Reserve has a rich variety of flora and fauna. Our cubs were thrilled to discover squirrels scampering up trees, monitor lizards sliding into the mangroves, mudskippers barely visible on the shore and beautiful birds nesting in the trees.

Besides its rich biodiversity, this headland played a significant role in the history of Singapore during World War II. Remnants of the past like tunnels and a fort enabled our cubs to have an interactive learning experience of the British military rule during that era.

But this is no place for a cruise liner?!

Our cubs also had the pleasure of the company of Mr and Mrs John Dwyer from Sydney Australia.  They joined our hike at the invite of our unit leader Mr Yip.  Mr & Mrs Dwyer are adult leaders of young scouts in Sydney. They shared many interesting stories with our cubs and taught them songs and games played by their Australian scouts. Mr and Mrs Dwyer even presented our cubs with lovely badges, much to their immense delight.  Thank you for visiting us, Mr and Mrs Dwyer, we warmly welcome you to join us again in Singapore!

It was certainly an enriching walk with one of our last remaining nature reserves in Singapore.
More photos moments here

Monday, March 12, 2012


Nearly 6,500 scouts were present at the 'Adiji (Welcome) Chief Scout' ceremony at St Patrick's School on 25 February 2012. They were there to welcome our President Dr Tony Tan as the new Chief Scout. President Tan will be Singapore's seventh Chief Scout. By tradition, the Head of State of Singapore becomes the Chief Scout of the Singapore Scout Association.

Our cubs were also out in full force for this very special event.

Our cubs tried out the various pioneering structures set up, like this very interesting carousel

This is a view of the model/mock up

They also had plenty of fun at the games stalls, from shooting guns

to throwing cans

to eating a moving sweet.

We all had a great time. Adiji Adiji Ah Ro Ah!
Adiji Chief Scout!

more photos

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sports Day 2012

As with every Sports Day, our scouts rose to the occasion to perform all the important tasks lined up for them.

The school flag was proudly held up high by our Akela Lim Ze Yu.

Our cubs were were indispensable
at the starting positions,

at the finishing line,

at the scoreboards,

at the trophies station

They were also such a great help to teachers in distributing food and drinks to the thirsty and hungry pupils.

What will we do without our scouts?

for more photos of our scouts at work, click here

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tied up in Knots

Do you know how to tie the various knots?
Let Uncle Richard and Uncle Chee Siang show you how :

And who says knotting isn't fun?

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